Top 5 Best Smart lights for 2022

Smart Home gadgets are ideal these days. You can control the smart lights with help of smartphones and other devices that is the easiest way to jump on the bandwagon. If you are looking for the best smart lights for your home as well as for your office then you are at the right place. We are discussing the best smart lights for you.

Wyze Bulb

Wyze Bulb is the best smart light that is ideal as you can buy it for $8. There is also the technology of WI-fi radios into the light bulb. There is no need for any extra hub hardware for connecting a voice. You can find the white light color temperature settings. It is not costly bulb as you can buy it online from amazon.

Philips Hue White Floodlight LED

The Philip Hue White Floodlight LED is another best smart light in 2022. It is a very efficient bulb as it is affordable. There is also the technology of Zigbee and Bluetooth that can skip the Hue bridge. It is directly with a smartphone. There is also the best technology in the bulb that helps to change the colors.

Lifx Mini LED

There is a variety of bulbs in the market but the Lifx Mini LED is the best bulb. It is brighter than any other type of bulb. The color is also amazing. This is the full features bulb as you can control its working with the app. There are also animated effects.

Lifx Z Multicolor Light Strip

Lifx is a beautiful bulb due to the color-changing facility in the bulb. However, it is a costly bulb but it has many unique features. It can create more room for customs sciences as well as animated effects. The price of Lifx Z light strip starts from $90.

Ring Pathlight Solar

This is also a famous and popular smart bulb in 2022. It is fast outdoor light that is best for the security system. You can find the ring cameras in Ring Pathlight Solar. It is the new solar versio as it can include the built-in motion sensor.


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