Things to know about Vissles LP85 keyboard||Vissles LP85 Keyboard Review ||

If you are a lover of the Apple keyboard then want to have that type of keyboard then it will be the best choice for you. This is the best keyboard that is ideal for use. People from all over the world like this type of keyboard.

This is the keyboard that is famous for its stylish look. It has a well-built keyboard that is used in the home and office. Moreover, you will find the keys of that keyboard is soft and easy to use. There is great connectivity. However, it is a great keyboard for all types of users.

Vessels LP85 Keyboard Review

This is an ideal keyboard that is famous due to its features. You can also see the pros and cons of the Vissles LP85 Keyboard from below.


  • This is the keyboard that has an Ultra-thin as well as stylish design.
  • There are ergonomic key spacing in this keyboard.
  • You can find the fast and smooth key actuation.
  • There is also excellent build quality.
  • You can find the Stickers in the box.


  • Lack of  adjustment legs
  • The battery is low.
  • There is noISO keyboard-configuration

Specification of Vissles LP85 Keyboard

You can find the following specification of Vissles L985 Keyboards. There are the best features that are given below.

  • It has the Vessels brand.
  • There is also a system of Bluetooth 5.0
  • You can find the RGB backlight in Vissles LP85.
  • There will be proper usage of integrated functions keys.
  • You can also find the 2000mAh battery.
  • There is also an optical-mechanical switch type.
  • There are 85 keys on that keyboard.

The Vessels LP85 can combine the excellent optical switch that has outstanding designs. It can deliver a stylish keyboard. You can also find the RGB Lighting. However, this is an ultra-thin keyboard that is famous for the new wireless technology.



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